Health & Wellbeing Discovery motivates and inspires people to achieve freedom with their nutrition and lifestyle habits by creating customised and tailored nutrition and well-being programmes.  


About Me

MY MOTIVE is to inspire and motivate. Feeding minds and bodies through Health and Wellness, starving any doubts and releasing inner potential to become wildly happier. I am not about dieting but long term lifestyle changes. I help clients lose weight, tone up, or simply clear your mind and soul with nutritious food.

MY BACKGROUND- I spent 6 years of my life as a Flight Attendant travelling the world.
I have worked in the Nutrition Industry for the last five years. I currently work in a Medical Centre and have practiced my skills with clients online and face to face in London and New Zealand. I have had people from over the world participate in my "Health and Wellbeing Challenge". 



4 week challenge
Face to face


-Constant support and motivation.

-Group chats with participants for even more support. 

-Yummy easy recipes.

-Mindful eating checklist and food diary.

-Planning ahead and healthy eating on a budget.

-Tips including how to eat healthy but still enjoy treats and so much more.... 

Message to sign up. Next challenge begins 1st Dec. 

$99 NZD

Personalised Nutrition programme catered to your needs, time frames, and desires. 

Assess current diet, any stress, sleep, and physical activity. 

Based in Tauranga or online consults

Initial consult 1hr: $110 NZD

Follow up 30mins: $40 NZD

Initial & 3 f/ups $200

*Same prices for video calls*

In your own time 

This offers you all the same resources as the 4 week challenge but you can do it at your own pace, with support if needed. 





Jess is so motivational & knowledgeable! It was great to make an effort with my eating and exercising, having her messages come through helped me to stay positive and motivated too. I feel that I am much more aware or the foods I am eating now and healthy alternatives to sweets.

Kahli-Papamoa, mother of 3

Everything supplied to us was helpful and interesting. It’s always exciting to try new recipes. I would defiantly recommend this challenge. My mum and I did it together which was a fun way to connect and bond. It’s a good way to get yourself into good habits. I premade my healthy lunches for the week which saved me time and money. I’m still doing this today. There was thorough information regarding what’s good for our bodies and recipes. Jess not only gives information about the Health and Wellness of our bodies but teaches us to see the worth in ourselves and how we should be happy with who we are.
Dive right in and give it a try. It’s only a month and you will see great progress in your healthy eating in such a small duration of time. Jess is always free to help out anyway she can and I know that you will feel great after this 4 week challenge. Worth every penny.

Niki- travelling the world

I'm a work in progress, more like a journey in progress. But Jess helped me kick start my more intentional (in thought and action) in being and staying healthy for life and not just for a short time. Jess challenge helped me to eat everything in moderation, up my exercise, up my veg and fruit and not missing meals, planning meals ahead of time and snacking well, staying positive and remembering to love myself and my body. A lot reading material and information which I found useful, especially the temporary diets & quick fixes.

Val-United Kingdom 

I enjoyed the recipes, information, and resources that Jess supplied. I needed those to make it happen for me. Lots of great information. I would recommend this challenge to everyone.

Jane-Tauranga mother of 4

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